Motion Pictures

TGKI was founded on the notion that prestigious, progressive and uncompromising television and film productions can be delivered to clients at an fiscal level far below what has been, up to today, considered the industry norm.

A few things make us different than any other production entity:

  • We will never take on more production work than we can meticulously handcraft, guaranteeing our clients the full attention of the entire company.
  • We have a track record escalating modest projects into wildly successful programming of absolute highest technical & creative accomplishment:
  1. We create long running franchises for our clients and work diligently to elevate our client’s existing programming and franchise.
  2. We tailor our creative collaborations so th most respected, talented and appropriate artists and technicians are able to leave their distinctive signatures on our programming.
  3. We believe that intelligent and comprehensive pre-production planning is the antidote to all post-production problems.
  4. Our company works more diligently and is more purely creative than any other production entity in India.
  5. We provide consultancy services so that the client’s costs remain to a bare minimum with maximum quality of production.